Qantas vets travel comments and shows it doesn’t get social media

Big business just can’t trust itself to implement social media properly. Qantas is the latest corporate to set themselves up for failure with the launch of Hooroo, a travel review site.

Hooroo invites users to make comments on hotels, resorts and tours they have experienced but will heavily vet comments to, as they put it, “focus on the positive aspects of the trip and inspire others”.

It sounds like the risk management department at Qantas got their way with Hooroo and may have squashed its success before it even launched.

Consumers can smell corporate control a mile off and will not trust sites that don’t offer balanced views. To succeed and innovate, big corporate has to let go of control, and accept that allowing consumers to openly vent frustration is essential. Not only does it make endorsements then sound so much more genuine, but it also forces the services that are being commented on to improve their game.

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